Silo Urban Homes

Silo Urban Homes is a condominium project designed for a fifteen-acre site located on the corner of Parkway Avenue and Camelback Road in Scottsdale, Arizona. The context of the parcel is primarily single-family homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings. The site is also within close proximity to the Scottsdale Civic Center and Fashion Square Mall.

The design program for Silo Urban Homes is unique at every level, from individual unit layout to the overall community master plan. The streets are configured to create a grid more reminiscent of historic urban neighborhoods.

Narrow traffic lanes with on-street parallel parking which are edged with tree-lined sidewalks creating an enjoyable pedestrian environment for residents and visitors.

The individual buildings, each housing six three-story units, are arranged into groupings of eight within each block. The groupings are broken up by green spaces, which create plazas for public use and resident interaction. This more formal arrangement is a refreshing addition to the chaotic fabric that has been developed within the area.

The exterior aesthetic of the units themselves is modern in character, as are the open floor plans. Large expanses of glass provide natural light throughout and some internal walls are illuminated with light wells. The minimization of interior walls allows the space to be configured in a number of different ways. This provides flexibility for the particular needs of the residents and is a valuable design feature.

Another key feature of the condominiums is the individual below ground parking garages provided for each unit. Many urban dwelling units available on the market only provide open, shared, and sometimes dangerous, parking garages. This is a unique consideration taken in the programming phase to ensure desirability for the potential residents. As the living space of each dwelling is three-stories in height, all are equipped with an elevator running from the unit’s private garage to the upper floor and a private roof deck.

The Silo Urban Homes project manifests all of the features enjoyed by detached single-family residents found in the suburbs, within a building type more conducive to urban density. It provides an alternative living style that has become attractive to many households; whether they are individuals, couples, or traditional families.

Use Location Size
Multi-Family Residential Scottsdale, AZ 3 stories above ground
1 story below ground
Occupancy Construction Type 288 units
R-5 Type VB 2370 sq.ft. per unit
15 acre site
19.2 units per acre